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From Our Founder, Kaye Putnam

The Secrets the Best Brands Use to Win

After 15 years in marketing and branding, I’ve been behind the curtain of hundreds of brands. I’ve had the privilege and honor to see what works and what doesn’t. Through work with 500+ students and clients, I developed the Clarity Code process to define psychology-driven brands.

I created this program with my expert team to guide advanced entrepreneurs ($100K+ revenue/year) to scale their brand.

And now, I’m revealing everything.

As you grow, systems & scale become the focus

Grow Your Brand on Autopilot

I know what it's like to feel trapped by the weight of making every single decision in your business. That's why I developed the Clarity Code™.

It's time to make a change if...

  • Every sale, every dollar, every piece of content depends on you. No long vacations, ever.
  • You constantly revise your team's work to meet your high standards.
  • You've accumulated a hodgepodge of visuals and messages, and you crave clarity & consistency.
  • You want to attract better clients to increase your profit margin.

"Kaye's more than a brand strategist - she's more like a brand therapist."

Scott Oldford, The Relevancy Engine

Client Results

"The most exciting part was seeing my vision come to life even bigger and better than I imagined. It really helped me stay focused and clear on the direction of the brand."

Heidi Houston, Founder & CEO

Get intentional about what your brand stands for.


  • What to write and talk about to attract your ideal clients and repel problem ones
  • Your signature visual style so you can work with almost any creative and get top-quality, on-brand results
  • Standards for your team to be your brand without endless revisions

the clarity code™ process

The 4X Factors to Scale Your Brand

The Clarity Code is our proven step-by-step method to clarity, consistency, and ease in your business. You are ready to evolve, so take the time to ensure your brand doesn’t get lost in the process.

By applying the Clarity Code to your brand, we'll develop a cohesive psychology-driven brand strategy that will save you time and money as you grow.


We’ll begin by identifying the inner business truths that propel your brand growth.


Create your standout strategy. This strategic plan will be at the center of all future decisions.


We'll infuse your business personality into your design and create a consistent, recognizable visual identity.


Give the gift of clarity and consistency to your team through your brand standards.

"I chose Kaye because she got ME. She wasn't trying to make me portray something that I am not."

Karen Gruber, The Inspired Mama

Multiply your impact and income

The Missing Element to Build an "In Demand Brand"

Forget EVERYTHING you know about design, ads, and funnels (at least for a moment.)

If you don’t invest in a psychology-driven brand, every other marketing tactic will take more time and cost more money. You won’t get the results you want. You will NOT get the sales you desire.

Because in today’s market, your clients are more than skeptical. They want to feel emotionally invested in the brands they buy from.

Client Results

"We can’t imagine where our business would be if not for hiring Kaye. Not only did she take the time to really understand our business and our values, but she also added her own expert perspective and ideas."

Sam & Alison, Co-Founders of High Country Doulas

"It's very, very rare to find someone who actually has true  branding experience. And to have it come from a psychology background, that's another level! "

Katya Varbanova, Viral Video Funnels

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