Full Brand Immersion

For influencers, content creators, & experts

Have you ever wished that someone could shadow you as you work, observing, documenting, and distilling what is important – and then translate those assets into your online brand?

Don’t have time to keep your brand up-to-date and reflective of what you’re doing now?

Overwhelmed with your growing body of content and work, and unsure how to best leverage it?

If so, the Full Brand Immersion was created for you. I’ll fly to spend the week with you (and your team, if they are local.) I’ll be the metaphorical fly on the wall, working to discover everything that is amazing about you & your brand to bring it to the next level. We’ll also work on making improvements in real time – so my impact is felt before I even fly home. 

After the Immersion

Emerge with a better brand than ever. I’ll document all of your brand systems, so you can multiply what’s working, delegate more, and let go of what isn’t working. I’ll set you up to more efficiently outsource, delete, or delegate. After this experience, your brand can grow on autopilot (with the help of your incredible team.)

Most importantly, we’ll upgrade your brand. The suite of deliverables include upgrading your brand messaging, visuals, and experience where needed. We’ll get your brand in shape for where your business is going next.

Why Kaye?

After over a decade and a half of marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship experience, I’ve had the honor of working behind the scenes of over 500 brands. Through this, I’ve developed a framework for building In Demand Brands online.

My first business was a wedding & portrait photographer for 5 years – where I documented the single most important day of people’s lives.

I’m working in my genius when I can play with lots of data points, distill what is important, and accelerate brands from good to great.

In other words: everything I am and have ever done has prepared me to do this for you. I’m 1,000% committed to improving your brand exponentially. 

Brand Immersion

Phase One: Discovery Dossier

Initial Interview

During our Initial Interview, we’ll identify the focus of our project. Maybe you are stuck in too much of the day-to-day of your business, so you don’t have time for strategic planning. Or maybe your growing body of work needs to be pruned, repurposed, and amplified. Or maybe your online brand isn’t representing the quality of work you do (in the visuals or messaging.) We uncover the *biggest bottleneck* that is holding you back from growth, so we know where to focus our efforts.

Body of Work Audit

 My team will put on their research hats and dig up all of the threads that weave your online identity. You’ll give us access to analytics, marketing materials, & internal planning docs so we can make sense of what we’re seeing on the outside. We’ll audit & discover:

  • Words, phrases that are unique to your brand
  • Content topics your audience loves
  • Point of view statements that attract your ideal clients, and repels bad-fit clients
  • Design audit & assessment to make sure how you look on the outside matches what is inside
  • Content analysis to document the specific standards your content needs to have to be “on brand” (tone of voice, word count, text styling, word choice, etc.)

Phase Two: Immersion

 I spend a week with you shadowing your work. I’ll not only hear from you about who you are and where you’re going, but I get to experience it for myself (and document the experience.) It gives me MUCH more information than simple interviews, with no extra work for you. All you need to do is be your brilliant self.

Each day, we’ll set aside an hour meeting to get your brand out of your head. This will all be recorded, and can be repurposed and diced up into audience-facing content later if you want. The primary use will be to define exactly what you want your brand to BECOME, so we can set the standards for you & your team now. 

In our first meeting, I’ll present our team’s research findings and areas of improvement. This might include upgraded logo or design concepts, pruning your content or designs, or bringing more of your personality/self/genius into your online identity. We can then make edits/revisions to the work presented in real time, together, during the week.

I’ll be a fly on the wall of your life for the entire week. (Everything is completely confidential – I sign a NDA beforehand.) I’ll listen in on your client work, talk to your team members, and interview 2-3 key clients.

We’ll also spend time doing your favorite things. We’ll eat at your favorite restaurant, hang out with your family (or dog), and give me a chance to see you in your element. I’ll alternate between engaging with you, pulling out ideas and thoughts as they bubble up. Other times, I’ll fade into the background and document you at your best with both photo and video.

This content is gold for social media, email marketing, ads, book writing, and more.

As a summary, our week together includes:

  • Areas of Improvement presentation & suggestions
  • CEO, team, and client interviews
  • Daily Brand Meetings
  • Photo & video documentation
  • Listen & observe you at work
  • Play & family time

Phase Three: Codify

After our time together, my team gets to work to distill all of the data collected into the most interesting/powerful ideas. We put everything into a Brand SourceBook. We’ll deliver all of your new brand assets within the next month. (Photos, Videos, Brand Sourcebook, Copy Updates, System & Processes.)
After our work, you’ll get:

  • Upgraded design assets where needed (Logos, lead magnets, on-boarding documents, social templates, etc.)
  • HUNDREDS of photo & video assets for future content
  • Brand SourceBook that defines your brand positioning & strategy
    • Position in the market
    • Point of view
    • Tone of voice, and text styling
    • Unique brand vocabulary (and not-to-use list)
    • Design standards
    • Brand stories
    • Content themes
    • Platform-specific standards (social media, blog, email…)

Where will the Brand Immersion take place?

I come to you. The in-person Immersion will ideally be where you usually live and work. If you’re nomadic, we’ll meet at your favorite location. I’ll stay at a nearby hotel or AirBnB so we can spend the bulk of each day together.

The digital experience doesn’t include the photo & video documentation, but we can duplicate most of the rest of the experience with some extra effort. I’ll listen in on digital team meetings, meet with you virtually each day, and spend time combing through more of your online work – online courses, interviews, and the like. You’ll submit journal entries each day that help you reflect on what happens each day.

The Brand Immersion will give you a definitive brand guide for you & your team to scale your impact. Beyond that, you’ll upgrade your visuals and messages to be in-line with your current goals. And on top of all of that, the hundreds of photos and videos will give you content to use for months to come.


$35K In-Person Brand Immersion

$20K Digital Brand Immersion


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