The Team Behind the Clarity Code™
Meet the brains behind the business.

01. Strategic

We’ve dissected the brand-building process into a set of 4 strategic factors that have a ripple effect on your business. Each two-week interval is designed to provide insight and clarity into your brand. 

02. Smart

We combine book-smarts with street-smarts and experience. We want you to do more than look good. We want you to lead your industry with a lasting advantage.

03. Process-oriented

Building a brand shouldn’t be left to chance or a single creative genius. We are committed to building a repeatable process that smart entrepreneurs can use to succeed.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Creating your psychology-driven brand takes luck and chance OUT of the equation for your successful business.

It’s essential you take control of how you are perceived in your ideal clients’ eyes. Dedicating time now to defining your message, values, beliefs, and strengths will ensure better results on all future marketing activities.


Revenue Increase For Brands that invest in Branding and Advertising


Brands that invest in only ads, not branding

Stats recorded over a 10-year period by the Millward Brown research team for the BrandZ ranking

The Team

Meet Your Branding Experts


Kaye Putnam


“I love taking a mess of ideas and culling it down to the strongest, single message.”


Sarah Putnam


“I’m fantastic at understanding our client’s needs and goals and ensuring follow through on our promises.”


Jana Roe Osofsky


“I thrive when getting to know a brand’s voice and creating/shaping the content that’s a perfect fit.”


Katharina Sertic


“I’m passionate about design and my perseverance ensures every detail of our client’ design is perfect.”

Our Unfair Advantages

What We Do Best

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands from solo-entrepreneurs to multi-million-dollar companies.


We empower every member of your team to make decisions in their zone of genius to bring you the best results.


We sift through all the genius ideas, content, and strengths of your brand to pull out the focus or core of your business.

Bring Emotion to Branding

We help you discover your unique archetypal mix to draw out the emotions and feelings that you resonate with most in your branding.